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Story of a Légend-1ere partie(1994-1999)
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For all those who wonders about what speaks King of Fighter, here is thus for all it the history of this mythical game:

****************** THE KING OF FIGHTER ***********************


The 70s. Expert Jeff Bogard in martial arts, finds two children roaming in the street which he adopts then names(appoints) Terry and Andy. Bogard wishes to become the director of the school Haikyoku Seiken, but it was without counting on rival eternal sound, Geese Howard. This last one forces Takuma Sakazaki to kill Jeff Bogard by kidnapping Yuri, his(her) daughter Terry and Andy thus begin training day and night to undo Geese and avenge their foster father. Terry is driven(guided) by Tung Fu Rue, whereas Andy learns the mysteries of Koppoken. Later, Howard organizes a tournament to see the potential of the fighters of Southtown, King of Fighters. Terry, accompanied with Andy and with Joe Higashi (their friend Thai boxer), overcomes the bodyguard of Howard, Billy Kane, before bringing down the tyrant. More nobody talks again of the tournament, until the day when.


4 corners(places) of the globe, the best fighters of every country are invited to the KOF. The mysterious host (nobody knows who resumed the tournament after the fall of Geese Howard) revises the rules of this edition(publishing) 94. Taking place according to a system of teams of 3 persons, the KOF ' 94 is not taken away(gained) by the Garou Densetsu Team (Terry, Andy and Joe) but by the team of Japan, consisted of Kyo Kusanagi (come look for his(her) father,
Saisyu), Benimaru Nikaido and Goro Daimon. Having overcome Rugal Bernstein (the sponsor of the KOF ' 94), our 3 new heroes have to run away, but Kyo swears that he will find his father some day.

Logical result of Garou Densetsu ( Fatal Fury), this first one KOF offers an innovative, nervous system and an atypical but striking realization. The concept of the game(set)
By team is a find of size and we also feel an impression(printing) of 3eme dimension in this game(set) of fight 2D .Avec (Dodge) this game(set) SNK reinvents the history of the game(set) of baston.


This year, we attend the coming of a team of cheats, that of Billy Kane (who wishes to take revenge for the insult that made him(her) undergo the brother Bogard) .Cet man, escorted by Eiji Kisaragi, looking has to beat Ryoko No Ken Team (Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia and Takuma) and of Iori Yagami (the rival of childhood of Kyo), steal the invitation
Of the American team. Finale, which has to set Kyo against Iori, is interrupted by the appearance of Rugal. This one endowed with the power of Orochi, is stronger than ever.
Kyo has to face his(her) lobotomisé father may beat again Rugal.
Bitter the fight, Iori approaches the body of Rugal and drinks its blood, taken by a sudden madness, he attacks(affects) Eiji and Billy. Iori has just absorbed a part(party) of the power of Orochi.

It is this episode which really gave its letters of nobility to the series. And especially it is in KOF ’ 95 that we get acquainted of one of the most important persos
Of the series .L’ one of the most charismatic of the history of the games of baston, Iori Yagami,
Eternal rival of Kyo Kusanagi. This game(set) is a slaughter

It is the year of all the surprises. Indeed, we assist on the return to Geese Howard and to Wolfang Krauser, his(her) half brother, both losers previously by Terry! This last one thus joins to kill them once for all. But it is not the only turnover. Heidern leaves his(her) place to his(her) foster daughter, Leona, and Takuma asks Yuri to replace him(it) beside his(her) brother and beside his(her) boyfriend. Kasumi, the girl of Ryuhaku Todo (former(ancient) opponent of Ryo) thus takes the place of the girl Sakazaki. Having abandoned BiIly and Eiji, lory not in the other choice than to enlist new team-mates, than he(it) finds in the person of Mature and Vice (the secretaries of Rugal) .Une time furthermore, Kyo and lory meet themselves face to face when appears the organizer of the KOf96. Chizuru Kagura. She wants to test the force of our heroes and is pleasantly surprised by their powers. She thus suggests to our two rivals fighting(disputing) the one who woke the power of Orochi, Goenitz. Chizuru, Kyo and lory (these last ones using their ancestral techniques, Orochinagi and Yasazuki) overcome Goenitz and, once more, lory is going to drink the blood of Goenitz to set some more of power. Nevertheless. Chizuru warns him(it) against the side effects of such an absorption, but lory has it only to make. Not long after, lory between "Riot of the Blood" then kills Mature and Vice. It is only the beginning of the problems bound(connected) to Orochi...

The year 96 sees arriving a novelty of size, the dodge totally changed shape, we are not any more entitled to Dodge but to Rolling. This change implies a new approach of the game(set), but makes him(it) more dynamic than previously. It is as well in this KOF as we are lucky to see a Mythical team forming, Boss Team (Geese Howard, Wolfang Krauser and Mr Big) .Cependant, fact of having to change the dodge made flow a lot of ink. He has no same success as his predecessor
On the other hand, today, KOF ’ 96 became a rare pearl..


Meanwhile, Kyo confided " Prof.'s " vocation. II teach his(her,its) technique to a young passionate person attracted(enticed) by the power of Kusanagi, Shingo Yabuki S' perceiving of the potential of this last one Kyo convinces him(it) to participate or KOF ’ 97 .Cette year still is marked by number of modifications: Kasumi, searched for his(her) father, leaves the place with Chizuru; lory and Shingo makes only riders; a quite new team makes its appearance, New Face Team (Yashiro. Chris) Shermie and; Yamazaki and Blue Mary come to lend strong hand to Billy (come settle(adjust) his(her,its) accounts with lory). The form of the events is different during this tournament. Japan Team is confronted in New Face Team in finale. Lory approaches Kyo, again winner(conqueror) of the KOF, but enters a killing frenzy. Kyo has difficulty overcoming him(it). Chizuru appears then, anticipating the return of Orochi. Kyo and lory again have to give him(her) a help to free of vassals of Orochi. Yashiro, Shermie and Chris, more powerful than previously. The exit of the match is then vague: Chris beats lory; Chizuru takes charge of its case as well as that of Shermie, but succumbs to the assaults of Yashiro; Kyo and is engaged(surrenders) in him(her) battle until both opponents fall at the same time. And what had to arrive arrived Orochi takes the mortal coil of the most powerful of his(her,its) subjects (Chris), and attacks(affects) our fighters. 3 lory cracks lead(shots) again and jumps on Orochi. Noticing that lory became unverifiable. Kyo activates(starts) his(her) Kusanagi no Ken and strikes both beings invested(surrounded) with the power of Orochi. At the end of the apocalyptic chapter

Certainly the darkest and the most dramatic episode of all the legend.
The appearance of Orochi, as well as personality's changes of Iori and Leona
Establish(Constitute) two original and major elements of the history. The scenario is excuse with plethora of new developments, and it is the true delight that to venture there. Especially since the gameplay suggests choosing between the mode Advance (Rolling and SDM by "accumulation") and Extra (Dodge and SDM by "concentration") .Une success!

It is in this episode that we learn Leona's real history:

Girl of Gaidel (a warrior of Orochi) and of a human. Leona does not suspect a single moment the enormous potential which she possesses .Habitant in South America, the small family tries to live in peace, but it is without counting on the hostility of Goenitz.
This last one comes to ask Gaidel to return among Orochi, but this one refuses and
Also give up fighting against his(her) comrade-in-arms. Goenitz frees(releases) then Leona's " Riot of the Blood » and this last one, not knowing how to control her powers, kills her relatives(parents). Goenitz will see to it that she does not remember this episode. Leona has then around ten years and roams aimlessly in the jungle. She(it) will be taken in by Heidern (which(who) has just lost the family, decimated by Rugal), he(it) puts her(it) among his (among which Clark and Ralf) and takes charge of it as if it was her daughter. From then on she(it) will train ceaselessly to take revenge.


Chronologically speaking, he(it) is not a part of the scenario. After the chaotic episode of the KOF ’ 97, there is no official tournament this year. It is thus the occasion for SNK of us taken out Cross-Over Ultime. We are entitled has persons who were killed in the episodes precedent, as well as the possibility of playing with Rugal. There is a hallucinating number of persos, he is called Dreammatch for nothing. For a lot this episode is the best the series


Having crossed(spent) the eliminating heats, Benimaru and Shingo (followed of K ’ and Maxima, 2 mysterious fighters) arrives in front of Krizalid, who loses the fight but who has the time of " downloader » the data of our heroes. He(it) indeed used the KOF to carry out his(its) plan .Au the same moment, Heidern attends a strange phenomenon: Kyo Kusanagi is present in various places of the earth(ground) at the same time
Impossible! Krizalid explains that K ’ is his(her) clone and that it inherited powers of Kyo (arrested after the battle of Orochi, but run away since) K ’ thus gets ready to attack(affect)
Krisalid when appears Kyo (the true not clones him(it)) This one thus overcomes its clone and Krizalid. Later, Whip, the new team member of the Ikari Warriors Team (Clark, Ralf and Leona) meets Krizalid before her death. This last one thinks that she is her sister and asks him(her) why she left the Cartel (but what is it thus?) .Elle teaches him(her) the truth and reveals him(her) that it is him who is the clone of K ’ (we would consider in Star-Wars the attack of clones)

2eme shutter(sector) with debates, KOF ’ 99 is the one who underwent most modifications. Not satisfied to have added Strikers, SNK also changed Rolling. It is in this episodes that we learn the legend of Kusanagi and Yagami

Kusanagi and Yagami:
There is meadows of 2000 years Orochi (Monster in eight heads) raged in Japan and spread the chaos around him. The villagers thus decided to sacrifice 8 young virgins to calm the animal. Seven poor women were sacrificed in honour of ’ Orochi, but, in the 8eme village Kusanagi saved at the last minute his(her) fiancée of disastrous sound takes out .Le young man supported by Kagura (ancestor of Chizuru and guard of an ancestral mirror) and of Hashaku (holder of a magic necklace possessing a destructive power, Yasazuki) attacked(affected) Orochi. Using its faithful sword and his(her,its) most powerful attack (Orochinagi), Kusanagi succeeded in putting an end in the day of Orochi by sealing its soul by means of the mirror of Kagura. A misfortune went nevertheless
To arrive:Hashaku, abandoned by his and realizing the superiority of Kusanagi, decided to find a new mortal coil to Orochi, in exchange for supplementary powers. Hashaku thus inherited from the 1211 Kinshiki Yaotome and began to make reign his(her) law under the name of Yagami. It is has to leave of this moment when the way of the descent of Kusanagi and Yagami was quite drawn. Friends previously, then enemy for the life …

PS: j'espére que j'ai pas trop fait de fautes lors de la traduction


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Story of a Légend-1ere partie(1994-1999)
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This is pretty good stuff Jlcryu. Thank you for posting this in English!


Story of a Légend-1ere partie(1994-1999)
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